Traditionally mental health services and medical health services have been separate silos.  Ben Hillyard and Jessica Lyons have changed that by joining forces to create Aloft Integrated Wellness located in Exeter, NH.  Ben and Jessica had the vision to change the way mental health was delivered.  They wanted their clients to be able to receive services at the point of care which is usually their primary care physician. 

So, they approached Core Pediatrics, a medical practice in Stratham, NH to introduce a new model of care called the Collaborative Care Model.  The CoCM model leverages a triad care team: primary care provider, a behavioral care manager, and consultative psychiatrist. The behavioral health manager is typically a social worker or a licensed therapist.  

Recognized by SG2 Health Care Intelligence magazine as a disruptor in mental health services, Jessica and Ben attribute their success to Seacoast SCORE.  “Working with Seacoast SCORE is not like checking off a box it is a process” says Jessica, “As a business owner, you have a vision for change. When you have a big idea, you can’t get it off the ground yourself.  That’s why we reached out to Seacoast SCORE.”

My successes. 

"With SCORE’s help we were awarded funding through the State of NH IDN program for a pilot program to create integrated mental health for kids and teens”, said Jessica. “Working with Seacoast SCORE was truly profound, I’m so grateful.”

What's great about my mentor? 

Working with Mentors, Jim Andrews and Stefan Hershfield, Jessica and Ben combined their private practices into one integrated practice offering individual and family therapy, sports psychology, nutrition counseling, and whole child visits. “SCORE asked us the hard questions and gave us structure and accountability as we moved through the process,” said Jessica. 

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