The Art of Negotiating October 28, 2022, 9:00am PDT October 28, 2022, 12:00pm PDT
8825 Aero Drive, Suite 102
San Diego, CA, 92123

Negotiation: The Art of Letting the Other Side Have Your Way

Almost everything in our business lives revolve around negotiating. Negotiating with landlords, suppliers, customers, etc.. Negotiating today has become as much a science as an art. 

Join us to learn some fundamentals of negotiating that will dramatically improve your business practices. This exceptional program is new to SCORE and is based in part on Pepperdine University’s famous Strause Institute program on professional negotiating. Learn about such negotiating principles as BATNA (Best Alternative To No Agreement); Negotiations as a process, not an event; Negotiating from a position of strength, Planning for a negotiations session, and numerous negotiating tactics.

This workshop will be held IN-PERSON AND ON ZOOM. Registration deadline is midnight the day before all events.Presenters:

Herb Liberman’s career involved 16 years as a teacher, school administrator and Superintendent of Schools. Herb’s business experience includes 23 years in executive level positions in manufacturing, computers, printing, and office furniture. He worked 17 years as a consultant working with start-ups, small businesses, and businesses on a growth path. Areas of expertise involve finance, loans for businesses, sales and marketing, human resources and buying and selling a business. Herb has started numerous for profit and non-profit organizations, and served on the Board of Directors of many businesses and non-profits.

Ron Woodhill is the former President and Chairman of R. W. Smith and Company, CA, and former President of Allied Buying Corporation, IL. His expertise and specialties relate to all aspects of distribution, marketing and sales in the commercial food service industry. Ron also has extensive hands-on experience with setting up Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOPs) as well as developing various exit strategies. A graduate of the Owner/ President Management Program Harvard School of Business, Ron has served on various boards of directors, including the Bank of Rancho Bernardo, CA and the Food Equipment Distributors Association, IL.

The Art of Negotiating