The history of RAJVITHI HOME FOR GIRLS can be traced back to 1890 when the first “orphanage” in Thailand was graciously established by the donation of Her Royal Highness Pravimadather Krompra Suddhasininart. It was situated on Bamrung Mueang Road at Tambon Suanmali in Pathumwan District of Bangkok. The primary objective of this orphanage was to provide residential care for the orphaned boys and girls including the children who could not be adequately looked after by their own parents.

The operation of this orphanage was subsequently terminated. After which, the Siamese Women Association under the leadership of Thunphuying Yommaraj had raised fund from the public for setting up a new orphanage on the same location. It was then named “Benjamarachutit School” and started its services on October 23, 1911. This school had been under the patronage of H.M. Queen Sripatcharintra and was built up to serve as a memorial to H.M. King Rama V.


A plot of land at Phayathai District (the present location) was conferred through the Bureau of Crown Property, together with the royal fund of 200,000 Baht, to be utilized particularly for welfare and education of the orphaned and needy children. As the results, Benjamarachutit School was then moved to the new location while its name was changed to “Chart Songkroh School” meaning “the National Welfare School” . This child welfare facility was graciously opened by Her Royal Highness Somdej Prapanwatsa Aiyigajao on June 24, 1941

After the establishment of the Department of Public Welfare, the administration of Chart Songkroh School was accordingly transferred from the Bangkok Municipality to this Department on November 4, 1948, under the condition of the conferment that “H.M. the King conferred this land on purpose to provide education, particularly for orphans and disadvantaged children”
Afterwards, its name has been once more modified to be Rajvithi Home for Girls ever since. The Home’s land covers about 23.2 acres consisting of homes for children, homes for officers and others totaling 46 buildings.

Be foster original home in provincial Association of Southeast Asian Nation
side arrangement social welfare level for a child and woman youth,
the meet seek social standardized,
by the network participates in on virtue morality base,
with in year 2015

W : Work as a team
O : Openness
R : Responsibility and Ethics
K : Knowledge

1. Manage very welfare development for a child and the youth in the institute support a child       standardized
2. Development target group latency gives can rely oneself
3. Develop the system administrates to manage
4. Develop encourage mechanical participating in system of network participant

To provide welfare services and develop needy children. Services provided are basic necessities including formal and vocational education in accordance with each individual’s ability. After graduation, these children will be able to earn their living and reintegrate into the society.


The socially disadvantaged girls aged 5-18 years as the followings :
- No guardians.
- Those whose families are poor or facing problems.
- Those who are not being cared for adequately by the parents or guardians,
- Broken home children,
- Those whose parents are residents of Department of Social
- Development and Welfare’s institutions or inmates.
These Children are referred to Ban Rajvithi Home for Girls by DSDW’s agencies or other concerned agencies in order to provide welfare and protection services for them.


1. Residential Care

1.1 Accommodation: For the girls aged 5-18 years, accommodation is arranged in a cottage typed housing. There are totally 19 houses. Each house has a capacity of 20-25 girls.
1.2 Food and necessary commodities are sufficiently and suitably provided for the children.
1.3 House-parent: Each house is staffed with a house-parent who assumes the roles of a mother-substitute for the children.

2. Health and Medical Care
2.1 Arrangements for children to receive necessary medical examination and immunization.
2.2 Provision of primary health care service.
2.3 Sending children to receive medical treatments in the hospitals as deemed necessary.
2.4 Equipping children with health education.

3. Education
Services provided are :
3.1.1 Compulsory education
3.1.2 Special class for slow learners

3.1.3 Short term training course
School age children are arranged to attend school and educational institutes in the community starting from kindergarten up to the university levels. All children are encouraged and supported to take up general as well as vocational training at DSDW’s Training Centres.

4. Job placement service Provision of job placement for those who graduated either formal or vocational education in accordance with their own individuals capacity and aptitude.

5. Social work and psychological services
5.1 Case recording for new residents. In addition, social workers or psychologists will make reports of all residents’ behavior, trace their relatives, contact their parents and find out foster families for some needy children.
5.2 Prevention, tackling problem and development for children according to social work and psychology methods e.g. case work, group work, case conference and counseling etc.
5.3 Follow-up and assessment. Social workers will follow up residents and those who were discharged.

6. Recreational activities
6.1 Promotion of children’s participation in activities in their leisure time e.g. club activity, music, Thai classical dance and music, sports, chorus, painting and cooking etc.
6.2 Provision of study tours in order to enhance their knowledge, experience and learn to adjust themselves with others.
6.3 Promotion of serving public, for example, visiting residents in institutions e.g. older persons, babies, people with disabilities, the destitute and patients in hospitals etc.
6.4 Moral and ethic education
6.5 Activities in special events e.g. Songkran Festival, Visakha Bucha Day, New Year’s Day, Children’s Day and Sports Day etc.

255 Rajvithi Road, Thung Phaya Thai, Ratchathewi District, Bangkok 10400
Tel. 66-2354-7484 , Fax. 66-2354-7485

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