How to Launch your e-Commerce and Start your Online Business October 27, 2022, 3:00pm PDT October 27, 2022, 4:00pm PDT
Zoom Webinar

Online attendees of this webinar will learn fundamental concepts about eCommerce and how to successfully launch and run your online store. This course will empower attendees to:

1.  Understand the Fundamentals of eCommerce

2.  Learn about Different eCommerce Platforms

3.  Measure the Return On Investment (ROI) upon Implementing a Website with eCommerce Capabilities

4.  Recognize if a Company Offering eCommerce Services can fully deliver all aspects of their SOW (Statement of Work)

5.  Learn What Questions to Ask Before Signing a Contract

6.  Why SEO is Critical for eCommerce Success

Presented by Farid Parvini. 

Farid Parvini has been teaching graduate courses about algorithms, database and search engine theory since 2009 at USC and CSULB. He has been involved in all aspects of digital marketing since 2003 and has ranked hundreds of websites.